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When it comes to choosing a Funeral Director it’s important to select the right professional for the service you

require and certainly one that will make yours, your family’s and the deceased’s wishes a priority.

As a truly independent family Funeral Directors and with over 24 years of experience, Thorne-Leggett is here

to support you and your family in the immediate aftermath of bereavement. We will take you through the

decisions you need to make for the funeral arrangements with utmost respect and dignity in accordance with your

individual requests.


Whether your choice is for a burial or cremation, a religious or non-religious service, locally or at a distance, you

will be able to select everything you need from our extensive range of products and services.


• Get a medical certificate from a GP or hospital doctor.


• Register the death within 5 days to get the documents required to arrange the funeral. If the death has been

   reported to a coroner, you can’t register the death until the coroner gives permission.


• Most local councils run a service called Tell Us Once, which enables you to report a death to most government

   organisations at the same time. Your local registrar will give you a unique reference number to access the

   service online or by telephone. You will need the deceased’s date of birth, National Insurance number, driving

   licence and passport numbers, details on any benefits such as State Pension, details of any local council services

   they were receiving such as Blue Badge, name and address of next of kin and name, address and contact

   details of the estate executor. Tell Us Once will then notify all relevant government organisations.


• Notify the deceased’s bank and other financial organisations.


• Make your funeral arrangements.

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