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Thorne-Leggett work in close co-operation with local florists who offer a full range of funeral flowers from

wreaths, posies and coffin sprays to more specialist tributes such as words and animal shapes. The floral tributes

will be delivered to our premises so that they can be placed in the hearse. Floral tribute cards can be saved and

collected for you after the funeral.


Following the funeral you may decide that some floral tributes could be used to benefit others, such as a hospital

or nursing home. Subject to them wishing to receive them, we will be happy to arrange this for you.


However, mourners are increasingly being asked, or are choosing to make donations to a specific charity in

place of floral tributes. Over half of the funerals we carry out now involve some sort of charitable giving.
Thorne-Leggett offers a service to receive and collate all donations for a nominated charity, forward them to the chosen charity and provide a list of the donors and the total amount collected.

elegant and traditional floral tribute

Thorne-Leggett offers a

service to receive, receipt

and collate all donations

for a nominated charity.