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It is our policy to be open and informative about the funeral costs from the outset. Our costs are divided into

three main groups:


• The Funeral Directors’ service package as selected by the client.


• Funeral Directors’ charges for additional items, such as specialist vehicles, limousines and caskets for cremated

   remains etc.


• Disbursements - costs paid to other authorities such as the Crematorium, Church and other funeral

   professionals. Unfortunately we have absolutely no control over these costs and cannot be responsible for the

   standard of service and conduct provided by these third parties.


Our price list is based on the funeral being continuous and without an extended time gap between place of service

and burial or cremation. Work carried out between these times may be charged in accordance with our price

list or prevailing circumstances at the time. When carrying out work at a distance, overnight and or reasonable

subsistence charges where applicable will be added to the final account.


Whilst we will be able to give a verbal estimate for our charges and known disbursements at the time of

arrangement, there may be variations in some disbursements, which will be notified to you as they arise. In

accordance with the National Association of Funeral Directors Code of Practice, we will provide you with a written

estimate of known costs together with a confirmation of the arrangements before the date of the funeral. This will

give you the opportunity to check the details and that you are in agreement with the arrangements. Following the

funeral a final account will be sent which will reflect any extra charges or amendments.


Families are often worried about getting access to their relatives’ bank accounts to ensure that the funeral costs

are paid. This is no longer a problem as in most cases the bank will release funds from the account to settle the

funeral account and in some cases settle other urgent debts (involving discussion with the bank for individual


It is our policy to be

open and informative

about the funeral costs

from the outset.

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