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Coffins, Caskets and Urns

Due to the many different styles and materials of coffins available today it is not possible to list them all here; however we will be happy to provide you with other choices and more comprehensive brochures at your request.

We are fortunate to have contact with a number of skilled craftsmen who are able to cater for your special bespoke wishes. However, some designs require more time to produce, which will be taken into consideration when arranging the time and day of your funeral.

Our traditional range of coffins and caskets are available in either wood veneer on chipboard or MDF, and solid wood. However, you can also choose a coffin created from natural materials such as Somerset willow, wool and banana leaf or a colourful metal American bespoke style coffin.

Traditional Style Timber Coffins

Recognised as the conventional coffin with varying embellishments according to your preference.

Natural Coffins and Caskets

Coffins or caskets made to a similar pattern as the traditional coffins but constructed from raw materials such as willow, bamboo or wool by tradesmen who have served a minimum of two years’ apprenticeship.

American Caskets

These caskets are constructed in wood and varying types of metal and imported into this country from America. The full images are available on the link.

Colourful Coffins and Caskets

Traditional shaped coffins or caskets finished with an artistic colourful flair to the design of your choice. Please bear in mind that we must respect copyright laws.

Caskets and Urn Selection for Cremated Remains

There is a wide and varied selection of caskets for a loved one’s cremated remains. A few of the most popular choices are shown in this brochure, most of which are suitable for placing in churchyards and cemeteries. They are all solid Oak with an inscribed nameplate.

Metal Caskets and Urns

These are suitable for the more permanent keeping of a loved one’s cremated remains and can be inscribed with their name and any particular text. They can also be used for keeping items of memorabilia of a loved one. We hold manufacturer’s brochures offering the full range of these products. Smaller versions are available for keeping a small quantity of cremated remains, perhaps if children or siblings wish to care for some. We will divide the remains according to you. Most churchyards and cemeteries do not accept metal urns for burial.

Somerset Willow Caskets and Urns

These are suitable for keeping at home and also for burial of cremated remains. They are constructed entirely from natural materials which are grown and made in Somerset.

Temporary Tubes

These strong card tubes are suitable for keeping a loved one’s cremated remains, possibly for scattering at a later date. They are produced in plain colours and also in a variety of designs. They range in size to take a full set of cremated remains right down to mini tubes for a little keepsake.

funeral arrangements
Guiding you through the funeral arrangements

We understand the importance of delivering a personal service of the highest standard and are proud to provide comprehensive funeral arrangements.

funeral costs
How much does a funeral cost?

It is our policy to be open and informative about the funeral costs from the outset. Our costs are divided into three main groups.

Horse drawn hearse
Our Vehicles

In addition to traditional black limousines, we offer nostalgic glass hearses drawn by two or four Friesian horses and a restored Edwardian hand wheel bier.