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Family and Friends Participation During the Funeral

Family, friends and work colleagues may choose to participate in the funeral ceremony sharing their thoughts and feelings for your loved one or reading the eulogy, a poem or some other quotation.

As emotions can sometimes take over, we recommend that the officiating minister has a copy of the reading(s) so that the minister or another friend or family member is able to take over; ensuring special words are not left unsaid.

Family or friends can act as bearers throughout the funeral or can hand over to our staff at respective points during the ceremony. We will give instruction to those participating or even hold a rehearsal for you the day before.

Participation at funerals
Order or service

It may be fitting to have an order of service that reflects the deceased’s unique personality, and meets their religious, cultural and personal preferences.

funeral arrangements
Guiding you through the funeral arrangements

We understand the importance of delivering a personal service of the highest standard and are proud to provide comprehensive funeral arrangements.

funeral costs
How much does a funeral cost?

It is our policy to be open and informative about the funeral costs from the outset. Our costs are divided into three main groups.