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Organisations that we are proud to be associated with:

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NAFD – The National Association of Funeral Directors

The oldest established and principal trade association

representing the funeral industry. Not only does it

monitor the conduct of its members, but encourages

professional status by producing the leading

qualification accredited within the profession. In

order to be admitted, firms have to reach a minimum

standard of premises and adhere to the Code of


Golden Charter logo

Golden Charter

We are pleased to associate ourselves with Golden

Charter pre-payment plans and in whose trust the

Thorne-Leggett independent plans are placed. All

monies paid to them in your name are placed on

deposit and administered by an independent trust;

ensuring that your funds remain secure.

BIFD – The British Institute of Funeral Directors

Promoting qualified individual direction of funerals;

offers tuition to up and coming candidates. Likewise,

its licence to practice requires holders to maintain

an annual statement of continuous professional


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FFMA – Funeral Furnishing Manufacturers’ Association

This is the umbrella group of funeral suppliers,

responsible for monitoring the quality of its members’

services. We endeavour where possible to obtain

goods supplied from its members – and only those of

the highest standard.

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BIE – The British Institute of Embalmers

The only source of qualification for embalmers in

this country. Promotes the arts of embalming and

teaches and examines candidates. Its qualification

is recognised globally with many divisions overseas.

Candidates are trained and examined to a high

standard of professionalism.

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FAS – Funeral Arbitration Service

Responsible for monitoring individual complaints

against participants; endeavours to handle all

complaints in an impartial manner. The stages of

involvement are quite clear and Thorne-Leggett will

consider their judgement as final in all matters.

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